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Ode to Autumn

©Misty Mountain Reverie 2015
©Misty Mountain Reverie 2015


Changing leaves

Cooling nights

Thinning trees

Less and less light


Coming too soon

Can’t this wait?

Flowers are still in bloom

Ah, an inevitable fate


Life lessons to gain

With each day passing

When you pay attention

To Summer dashing


Amazing transformation

Right before my eyes

The earths grand finale

Synchronized with the sky

How do you make new friends after 40?

Charleston, WV sunset
Charleston, WV sunset by MistyMountainReverie ©2015


As a 40-something single mom, I find it’s difficult to meet new people. Even more challenging, is to turn the people I meet into friends. Men seem to have an ulterior motive. Women seem overwhelmed with life’s burdens.

In my particular geographic area, I find it is challenging to find people with a positive outlook on life and who are addiction-free. Or they have controlling partners. Or insecure with having a single friend around their husbands (I don’t want to steal your man, I promise) Or, they are the cheaters. Or they are addicted to drama and gossip or social media rumors…..truly the list could go on and on.

The internet does enable me to find many like-minded souls, yet many are far away. It would be nice to have someone I could meet for coffee. Someone to walk along the river and chat with. Someone to share the joys and challenges of life.

Who’d have thought that as hard as it is to find someone to date, it is even harder to make a new friend IRL.

If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂




Balancing Act


Trying to write down

struggling to express

these feelings and emotions

causing me distress

A few words here

some more there

Nothing  sounds right

so I simply stare

at a white sheet of paper

Blinding glare

Begging for the ink

to spark the flare

Endless stream of fire

Energy escaping all around

Unable to be contained

Releasing what was bound

up in disguise

As balance

and structure

never really been content

to stay boxed into culture

Thinking “Expectations and Labels”

were attainable goals

Now laughing as I realize

I simply can’t do what I’m told

Veiled as worry and concern

Or love and generosity

When deep down the motives

benefit only one at this party

And it’s NOT ME, you see…

Who gains a thing

No, Pieces and Chunks of  me

have gone missing

Stolen away by those

who bill for attention

and smother with gold

aiming for retention

as the ultimate goal

Not realizing , without water

their bloom will wither away

Inside Out / Outside In

It feels yucky outside
Is that right? Can it be?
Yes it definitely feels
Bad out there
So much pain, don’t you see?
All of a sudden I’m scared
How can this be? That’s not me!?!
I got to try this again
I need to truly see

Get on out there
Stand on the porch
Listen to the frogs
Feel the air blow
Take a moment to pause
And hear the creek flow

See,its not that bad
Because you just chose to see
The silver lining in our world
A beautiful never-ending sea
Of love and light

So to let God know
I’m thankful I’m around
I’m getting out there
I plan on spreading
Love into the air
Doing what I can to
Heal hearts in despair
Providing comfort to those
Who no longer care
Those who are feeling
Yucky on the inside

Dodging Curve-balls

What an amazing day
The kind that flows
Where balance is abundant
Life shimmering with gold

For moment I thought
I might say that today
Was indeed what you
Would call a perfect day

I stopped short
Of saying it out loud
Didn’t want to rock the boat
Or act too proud

Even went back
Rehashed my steps
Trying to commit to memory
How to stack this deck

The only difference
Was my perspective …
As the phone rang
Shattering the collective

Feelings of bliss and relaxation
Out the door
The crisis so far away
I had no idea
what was in store

Yet, as time passed
Solutions were found
Not a tear was shed or
angry words thrown around

Then in a moment of silence
I realized I must
Always cling
To that place inside my soul
Helping me accept the
Twists and turns life brings

This and That

Just a quick post, update I suppose….

When I started posting poetry, most of the poems were from a collection of jottings and journaling. Memories of years gone by. I did begin writing some new material, yet I felt there was more I wanted to explore.

The last few months, mingled in with holidays, SNOW, a bunch of other funky stuff, MORE SNOW, you get my drift ( lol couldn’t help it 😉 ) I’ve been writing, noticing, listening, pondering.

Playing with perspectives is a big part of it. Choices based on  Or not depending on the choiceof Societies RULES. Following the pack, being like EVERYONE ELSE or not. It’s simple and extremely difficult at the same time.

My Cousin said something to me that was one of those perspective changing moments. I can’t even remember exactly how he said it. Basically, past hurts prevent future experiences.

We write our own story every day.  It can be what ever we choose.

How often do we remember that, throughout  our hectic day?


Currently I’m working on posting  some random writing, poems, affirmations  and recipes. Mostly I’m working on my story  and enjoying the arrival of spring.

Also,  cooking is a hobby of mine, an edible science project! I would love your feedback. (I just need to start taking more pictures) Always seems better as a collaborative effort.




Do You Use Affirmations ?

Do you ever use affirmations?

Looking around Twitter, believe it or not, I find so many beautiful things to use each and every day.

I’m going to compile a list of people to follow, post in with the next affirmation and hopefully each one of you can find someone to help motivate and encourage you. You can never have too many cheerleaders!

This is one I made up years ago, when I was starting a business. For the entrepreneurs out there, you know how hard and grueling the first year can be.

This is my way of seeing the beauty in each and every day!

By Divine Right
May all that is allotted to me
Present itself
May I embrace love
May I not judge
May I accept the abundant gifts
the universe has to give
Now and always

Try it! Or any affirmation that suits you and feels wonderful


The Big “Let Down”

Original content on MistyMountainReverie.com is Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved worldwide.

Is your imagination strong?

Why do you ask, you might say

Do you feel wronged

when things don’t go your way?

You look around

at the life you have

count blessings you found

so you aren’t mad

at the dissipation of

the one you dream of

going bad

There’s no sense in it

The sadness accomplishes nothing

You’ll drive yourself mad if you sit

and rehash the disappointing

turn of events as they unfold

Oh how I wish life were not so bold

I’m tired of having

no one to love and hold

I need someone

to give it all to

Who will accept me

cherish me and be true?

Not much to ask really

But it is though

A good person I am

A warm and loving soul

Forever looking and seemingly unable

to find the one to make me whole

Segue….Please read!

This is a bit of an unusual post for me, but one I find compelled to write. I have Asthma. Each and every year, during the holidays, I am constantly dodging clean air. Here’s why ~ Fragrance & crowds


During the holidays, we tend to find ourselves in crowds more and more for a variety of reasons. School events, Christmas parties, shopping, holiday concerts and shows and the grocery store is PACKED all the time. We also tend to use more fragrances when we are dressing up. Think about it, who douses themselves with cologne when hanging around the house on a Sunday?


So, as a favor to all the asthmatics out there, I am requesting you are mindful when dressing up and going out. DO NOT load up your wrists, as it gets all over the handles of doors, carts and armrests. I’ve left many of school concerts, basketball games of my sons and half-full carts of groceries simply because I could not breathe. Elevators create anxiety, because I never know if I will be stuck with a fragrance that will choke me.


I am not suggesting you stop all together. I worked in the Beauty Industry for 25+ years until I became allergic to almost everything.  I understand the need and desire to smell good! Remember, your body wash, your styling products, your cologne or perfume all  are competing with each other! Pick one thing to make your self smell good. Place it on your skin, on an area that will not rub off. Our natural body oils absorb the chemicals better than our clothing. Another thing to keep in mind, we can smell it more than you can. Over-use accomplishes nothing but letting someone know you’re coming from a mile away.


Something else to consider, is an asthmatics develop a keen sense of smell. Nature’s natural warning system. A crowded room is equal to 10 genres of music all playing at once! It’s overwhelming to your brain. I call it Olfactory Overload! Also, some asthma attacks can truly set you back days, even weeks. Losing oxygen begins to affect the body quickly. You feel weak and your muscles are sore. You will have relapses to things you can normally deal with. Kinda like after-shocks. It is extremely frustrating, especially during a time of year where you want to partake in the events and festivities, yet decline.


If you would, next time you are getting dressed, be mindful. Asthma is a serious condition. It is getting harder and harder to breathe as our addiction to chemical fragrance is everywhere. Asthmatics can  learn to avoid certain stores and businesses, but it’s almost impossible to judge when you have to skip holiday concerts, sporting events and parties. Luck of the draw, really.


Thank you, if you read to the end. Thank you if you will consider changing the way you wear fragrance and passing this along to others. It will mean a lot to any asthma sufferer out there!



As I sit here on the couch

thinking about how much I miss you

I get up finally, forcing myself to bed

Look at the clock right at 1:11, Who knew?

That here you are, your spirit surrounds

No matter that this

is the day you left

our Earthly Grounds


It’s been five years today

Hard to fathom, my friend

You always had such a way

To let us all know

how special we were

How much you cared

Never making anyone feel

you didn’t have the time to spare

Up and down I was all night

3:58 am, 5:15 again

You filled my thoughts and my dreams

not really sure which was real

or not what it seems

I shed tears and hug my heart

so much has changed

since our long ago start

Wishing I knew

how to turn back time

So I could sit at the kitchen table

One last time

And hear your laughter

See your smile

Feel your warmth

If only for a little while