Baby Girl


Don’t know where to start

I broke your heart

You broke mine

None of this is fine

Wish I could turn back time

Cradle you in my arms

sing lullabies to you

bathe in your charms

Baby Girl I miss you

Hope one day you do too

Life will never be the same

With out you

I could never make you happy

didn’t know how

to get inside

your beautiful heart

and glorious mind

Hope one day you’ll know

I tried my very best

Never thought i’d lose you

Not in a million years

can’t hardly write this

through the tears





As I sit here on the couch

thinking about how much I miss you

I get up finally, forcing myself to bed

Look at the clock right at 1:11, Who knew?

That here you are, your spirit surrounds

No matter that this

is the day you left

our Earthly Grounds


It’s been five years today

Hard to fathom, my friend

You always had such a way

To let us all know

how special we were

How much you cared

Never making anyone feel

you didn’t have the time to spare

Up and down I was all night

3:58 am, 5:15 again

You filled my thoughts and my dreams

not really sure which was real

or not what it seems

I shed tears and hug my heart

so much has changed

since our long ago start

Wishing I knew

how to turn back time

So I could sit at the kitchen table

One last time

And hear your laughter

See your smile

Feel your warmth

If only for a little while





2012-09-15 17.07.58

I don’t want to think about you

Trying too hard, I suppose?

We can’t go backwards

but the reminders come in droves

Happier than I’ve ever been

then I see you, and wonder

Do we need to do this

or did we make a huge


So much has changed in such a

short amount of time

New lives, jobs, people

How is it life turns on a dime?

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look

Things we shared are seeping into my mind

Making me think if we took

a union truly amazing and tossed it aside

Enter insecurity and doubt

and what I think I know

life should be about

I want to go away

though, each time I try

this town screams


Trying, trying to

ignore it all anyway



Diamonds and Jade


Pretty girl, How are things?

Changes in you I’ve not seen

Different? You seem…

Shiny lights all around

Your body, your smile, your eyes

Will you share?

Do you care?

Off you go

a leaf blowing in

a November wind

Will you float back down

to the river’s bend?

Sail, sail with me down

to the river’s end

Time is on our side

We’ll be to

the Sea tomorrow

The world is wide

open to possibilities

that are endless

As the horizon fades while

we head out on glistening waves

of Diamonds and Jade


Sad, Mad, Glad

2012-09-15 17.10.07

Why do people want to see
People stuck in misery
Why do they want to hurt
you after they’ve drug you
Through the dirt

Why would anyone cling to
anger and hate
Be a bully, be mean, be irate

Threaten a roof over someone’s head
Time and again for no reason
When you have a place of your own now
Is it simply just the season?

Why, when there are children who care
And want to feel safe in their home
Who just want peace and happiness
Who cared for you like their own?

Do you get a rise out of fear and pain

Do the threats make you feel bigger

Can you not refrain

From stomping your feet

every time you don’t get your way

Undermine forward movement
Unless it’s your own
To relish being an ass
Instead of the man I’d known

All because you can’t handle your own pain

Your own demons,your own guilt your own suffering

Do you feel bigger now

knowing you sent us running

Just know, no matter what you throw my way

I will always land on my feet

My spirit will never be broken

I will always live in love and peace

For I know what’s right and

I know what’s in my heart

I know what good people deserve

And I know bad people

need help even more

I pity your soul

And the day

you meet your maker