Ode to Life, Art, The Blogsphere and the Twitterverse

Trying to think where to begin. I’ve been super busy, wearing hats of all kinds. Some fit, others are too small, too big, or just can’t stay on. Trying to accomplish too many things at once, fulfilling roles and obligations, working, creating, learning, enjoying, or not lol…our daily grind.

No matter who we are, we all have one. The question in my mind is where do we draw a line? Everyone has a different set of circumstances that require or anti-require our definitive lines=boxes


shapes mworksheet 2

Some are small, medium or large, square or rectangle or even sometimes you get a circle or oval (bubbles 😉 If I’ve lost you, sorry. I understand. If not, I apologize, because you understand!

Fast forward to today. I am blown away by the world on Twitter. So many interesting, funny, kind, positive and inspiring souls. Who’d-a-thought. But then again, why not?  On some level, we all connect. This is just another platform, another way to exchange thoughts and ideas. Yes, we’re promoting many things at times, mainly ourselves. But we’re giving back as well. It’s quite a phenomenon if you stop to notice, really look around. I look at each person, the pictures, the websites and blogs. It’s fantastic! You couldn’t learn this in a class. It is as diverse as you want and as enriching as you choose. My entertainment is gleaned from learning, but more hands on. The internet enables us to connect in a way that evokes a personable feel to what you say and do, if you take the time. And that can be difficult…

Best chocolate cake ever

I’ve grown to over 100 new followers in just a week. I’m so humbled and shocked. And yet I am bursting with MORE to do! Artists, writers, musicians, actors, (labels…hold on to that thought 🙂 We need each other. We consume more than we put out, I’m sure. We create through inspiration and through inspiration we are rising higher and higher. It’s not liner for me, as I assume is the same for almost all of us. So we also find/look for/seek/embrace/take up something to cling to. Religion, Causes, People, Careers, Parenthood, or we wander in search of our cause, not quite sure where to be…

And that brings me back to that thought,



Image courtesy of kanate at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


I look at how we have a limited amount of words to describe/define ourselves and manage to still get a point across. New sign of our times

But surely we are more than participants, enthusiasts, connoisseurs, experts, lovers of, haters of, passionate about and fans of, more than THAT, aren’t we? 

I sure hope so. I can’t stay in a box. I try, I do it to myself, I just blow it.  {I have 4 twitters already:-} And If I have to choose, I’ll decline what some see as “opportunity” or “worthy” or “important” or “meaningful” because it doesn’t flow. I can’t explain, other than it’s the Boulders. That is where I fall short and don’t play well with others. It’s my nemesis.

Go with the flow ~ yeah but who’s flow?! Oh, this is where I sink! I got a small boat with one oar in a stormy sea most days. And my flow doesn’t gel well with most. How ironic is this, seen yesterday @bairesven on his Facebook

I struggle with filling out these online profiles for twitter, facebook, tumblr, linkedin…..and the rest, as much as I do, in life. I am content and intrigued, so much so, I need too much time alone. My processor, battery, virtual memory, RAM (labels) all freeze. I’m that phone you still have that can’t upgrade its iOS, even though it still works! What can you do, but flow?

How is my dilemma. How without failing to fit in between the lines?

What ones are essential and what ones are erasable? And who decides?

You, Your Government, Your Community,

Your Employer,Your Education, Your Up Bringing/Family?

Each of us make that choice so often, without thinking. We have “profiles” on our shoppers cards to save a few bucks, our pharmacies and doctors and schools and ANYTHING attached to one of those little cards on your key ring. Yeah, you know. WE ALL HAVE SOME I do not want to advertise but i know there is a pet store, hardware store, grocery store, shopper’s club, gas card, something on there 😀

That is simply a small part of our daily lives. I desperately try to cling to and gather the rest.

If I ever could afford her, I want Alice from the Brady Bunch to come and live with me. It would be worth it’s weight in gold. Free up my time and I’ve paid my dues in chores ha ha..jeesh

And for every “Alice” out there, may you be sincerely appreciated for your efforts. What a tough job. We all have tough jobs in one way or another. We struggle with all different stressors, as unique as ourselves. Maybe, just maybe the internet can flip, connect us all in a deeper, stronger way. Listen, I grew up with pen-pals. No internet, just bulletin boards and cool movies like Star Wars and The Jerk. SNL ruled and so did Letterman. Mtv was beginning, it was tons of fun. But now we can choose to be distant, close, or in between. People across oceans are instantly friends. Neighbors rarely talk. Email/voice mail reign. We text our kids….

It’s wild, that’s for sure. It keeps getting more and more so. We’re going to Mars, space elevators are coming, we can go soon ( to space ) We can even make food in 3D printers !

Hope you remember to color outside of the lines, at least once in awhile. Or, if you’re like me, try to stay inside the lines for once

NM 09-25-14





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