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This and That

Just a quick post, update I suppose….

When I started posting poetry, most of the poems were from a collection of jottings and journaling. Memories of years gone by. I did begin writing some new material, yet I felt there was more I wanted to explore.

The last few months, mingled in with holidays, SNOW, a bunch of other funky stuff, MORE SNOW, you get my drift ( lol couldn’t help it ūüėČ ) I’ve been writing, noticing, listening, pondering.

Playing with perspectives is a big part of it. Choices based on¬† Or not depending on the choiceof Societies RULES. Following the pack, being like EVERYONE ELSE or not. It’s simple and extremely difficult at the same time.

My Cousin said something to me that was one of those perspective changing moments. I can’t even remember exactly how he said it. Basically, past hurts prevent future experiences.

We write our own story every day.  It can be what ever we choose.

How often do we remember that, throughout  our hectic day?


Currently I’m working on posting ¬†some random writing, poems, affirmations ¬†and recipes. Mostly I’m working on my story ¬†and enjoying the arrival of spring.

Also,  cooking is a hobby of mine, an edible science project! I would love your feedback. (I just need to start taking more pictures) Always seems better as a collaborative effort.




Unique Souls | Oneness

2012-05-17 18.14.58

Unique Souls



Based in perspective

combined with expectation


Names, categories, things

grouping together in a way

to invoke understanding, familiarity

So we know what to expect

that expectation is formed based on

past experience joined with

Perspective, or lack of

People can stare at the same painting

and ALL OF THEM will have a

different experience

Some may have an emotional connection

deep from with-in

Love, sadness, anger, joy, fear

Others will feel absolutely nothing

What a range that is!

On and on they vary


Best label of all

to describe all of our souls


Bewildered and Befuddled


I’m so confused, lost my heart

I know it here somewhere, I felt it tear apart

in a million directions, the pain flowed

Oh no! Oh no! Where did it go?

It’s got to be here somewhere

you have to have a heart

If I could find the pieces

i could mend them i’m sure

I’ll use my best skills

Then again, I know this is not true

I’ll smack it together, hit it with my shoe

Because for some reason when the day is near the end

And I’m trying to assess

who needs what & when

What hat did I drop?

Is it ever going to


And I’ve still¬†¬†barely managed

to get anything done

It stops

It screeches to a halt

*!*!*!* I think I get it now *!*!*!*

I’ve forgotten to care the most

for the one person

who gets

a toast

those pieces will find

a way back inside

when you hear love agree

NM 09-29-14