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Segue….Please read!

This is a bit of an unusual post for me, but one I find compelled to write. I have Asthma. Each and every year, during the holidays, I am constantly dodging clean air. Here’s why ~ Fragrance & crowds


During the holidays, we tend to find ourselves in crowds more and more for a variety of reasons. School events, Christmas parties, shopping, holiday concerts and shows and the grocery store is PACKED all the time. We also tend to use more fragrances when we are dressing up. Think about it, who douses themselves with cologne when hanging around the house on a Sunday?


So, as a favor to all the asthmatics out there, I am requesting you are mindful when dressing up and going out. DO NOT load up your wrists, as it gets all over the handles of doors, carts and armrests. I’ve left many of school concerts, basketball games of my sons and half-full carts of groceries simply because I could not breathe. Elevators create anxiety, because I never know if I will be stuck with a fragrance that will choke me.


I am not suggesting you stop all together. I worked in the Beauty Industry for 25+ years until I became allergic to almost everything.  I understand the need and desire to smell good! Remember, your body wash, your styling products, your cologne or perfume all  are competing with each other! Pick one thing to make your self smell good. Place it on your skin, on an area that will not rub off. Our natural body oils absorb the chemicals better than our clothing. Another thing to keep in mind, we can smell it more than you can. Over-use accomplishes nothing but letting someone know you’re coming from a mile away.


Something else to consider, is an asthmatics develop a keen sense of smell. Nature’s natural warning system. A crowded room is equal to 10 genres of music all playing at once! It’s overwhelming to your brain. I call it Olfactory Overload! Also, some asthma attacks can truly set you back days, even weeks. Losing oxygen begins to affect the body quickly. You feel weak and your muscles are sore. You will have relapses to things you can normally deal with. Kinda like after-shocks. It is extremely frustrating, especially during a time of year where you want to partake in the events and festivities, yet decline.


If you would, next time you are getting dressed, be mindful. Asthma is a serious condition. It is getting harder and harder to breathe as our addiction to chemical fragrance is everywhere. Asthmatics can  learn to avoid certain stores and businesses, but it’s almost impossible to judge when you have to skip holiday concerts, sporting events and parties. Luck of the draw, really.


Thank you, if you read to the end. Thank you if you will consider changing the way you wear fragrance and passing this along to others. It will mean a lot to any asthma sufferer out there!