The Big “Let Down”

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Is your imagination strong?

Why do you ask, you might say

Do you feel wronged

when things don’t go your way?

You look around

at the life you have

count blessings you found

so you aren’t mad

at the dissipation of

the one you dream of

going bad

There’s no sense in it

The sadness accomplishes nothing

You’ll drive yourself mad if you sit

and rehash the disappointing

turn of events as they unfold

Oh how I wish life were not so bold

I’m tired of having

no one to love and hold

I need someone

to give it all to

Who will accept me

cherish me and be true?

Not much to ask really

But it is though

A good person I am

A warm and loving soul

Forever looking and seemingly unable

to find the one to make me whole

2 thoughts on “The Big “Let Down””

  1. I thought I commented on this or maybe I just did on Twitter or maybe I did here and you deleted my comment! This poem reminds of my “shoebox” song…I have a longing for this connection. The shoebox song was really written less than a year ago but I made up the shoebox thing because of my wife. My true love from my youth contacted me via email in Oct. 2013 and I have been a mess ever since. Her mom has severe dementia and her husband doesn’t help with her mom or their kids…he is on the computer ALL the time when he is home from work. I wrote the song out of a real pain in my heart about not being able to help her with her mom and essentially regretting marrying her. I haven’t actually seen her (Joanne) since the year 2000. I haven’t emailed her (or she me) since the end of this past October because I professed my undying love for her (again) and it didn’t go to well. I have never asked for her to leave her husband…I just wanted somewhere for my heart to belong to because of the disconnect in my marriage and she does not want me to long for her. My heart has aimlessly wondering in longing…this longing I forgot or gave up on…and it really sucks to tell you the truth (which is how I roll anyway…via the truth).

    1. I don’t know you, but I am sorry you are in pain. Might I suggest you fill the void in your heart with self-love? Another person can’t nor should they be your happiness. It is a HUGE burden to carry. You will search for eternity until you fill the void on you own. Then you can GIVE not TAKE

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