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Here are some of my favorites. Occasionally I’ll just post the poem. Mostly expect my interpretation, story or a reflection . I encourage yours as well, if one of these inspires you. I’d love to hear your favorite authors!

Sparkle in your eyes

My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love
My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love

What if every time you  saw someone

who seemed sad or down

You smiled, said hello or

simply offered them a way around

the pain, or hurt or suffering

they’re struggling to cope with

It wont take much of your time

or effort at all

Just a simple gesture trickles

so very wide and far

Maybe they are lost and feeling alone

and you  come along

offering to loan

them your heart, your ear

and help calm their fear

You’ll then have accomplished more

in a few little moments

than the entire day it took

to get you to arrive at that place

where a stranger saw the look

and the sparkle in your eyes

that helped them feel alright


Please, today reach out! You might be in traffic, pumping gas, in a check out line or restaurant. One small smile can mean so much to someone else.

If it’s someone serving you, having a difficult time, break the ice instead of their day. Let them know you appreciate they are working hard and understand how tough it can be. Watch them melt in front of you! Your efforts will return tenfold.

Peace and Blessings 

Searching and Searching

Beautiful Sky my pic

Searching and searching, I have been, for you my love

Wondering and waiting, on the Man Above

To lead you to me, or me to you

Our distance is nothing compared to

what we’ve been through

Wars and plagues

Other’s blind rage

Yet through each millennia

We reconnect


I am in the Stars

although never really too far

As Time is just a figment

of our limited understanding

of what is true and real

Our general misunderstanding

of what the world wants us to feel

That we reconnected now

is truly perfect timing

in a world that is falling apart

Not knowing it’s climbing

out of the hole

it has put us all in

I wish, I hope I pray

we can be soon, chin to chin

My gaze fixed on yours

once again strengthening our connection

This time, and every time thereafter

may we hold tight to our reflections

Of our past, present and future

all tied together as one

No matter the intruder

we will not be overcome

By worldly struggle and strife

that is tossed our way

Since you and I both know

there isn’t a day

we’re not truly together

in some kind of way

NM 10-27-14

Our Beginning, twice

September 2007…

Wait, no

May 2008, whew~

Oh I thought before I met you

I was so wise, so strong

A woman of the world!

Been through so much

Been so many places

All these experiences…

Then I met


So strong and smart

with such  knowing, sparkling eyes

trusting eyes

solid thinking and

fantastically handsome

oh, and that smile…..

and *POOF*

My life is thrown in one direction

Your’s another

and by the time we meet again

I’m falling to pieces

as you’re emerging from a long battle

And you gather up all

the broken pieces

and bring them home with you

and little by little

you piece everything back together

better than it ever was

You found ME

And no matter how naive I felt

You never made me feel stupid

you gave me, still give me,


I’ve never had in my life

That are priceless

A safe place

so I could rest my body and soul

Cradled in LOVE

and trust and kindness


Permission to


All of my “selves”

The good, the bad

Room to succeed and fail

and tons of space to grow

I’ve learned more about

everyone and everything

you name it~ since I’ve been with you

than in my entire life

I’ve felt more love and devotion and kindness

More fun and happiness

My own personal Disney World 🙂

I am the wealthiest woman


and I thank God everyday

for every minute

I have with you

NM 3-08-10

The Bests Gifts Aren’t From the Mall

Jewelry, chocolate, lingerie

Wining and dining

The build up to “that day”

Valentine’s Day

And if you’re on your own

Or financially strapped

Or you don’t simply have

that “implied experience”

Are you sad?

Less Loved?

We are programmed to think so

Programmed to where some of us

loathe the day, as it amplifies wounds


Love surrounds us


In nature

In the sparkle of a child’s eye

In lending a helping hand

In finding “family” among friends

Gestures of Love

Bestowments of kindness and respect

Demonstrations of generosity

Examples of forgiveness

To hear a song in your heart

To feel the warmth of the Spirit

envelop your Soul

Seek to receive the gifts

that have been given to us

And love will surround you


And always

NM 2-14-10

To a Friend

Yea! Birds are chirping

Singing Nature’s most beautiful songs

I long for spring to arrive

To feel the warm sun

on my skin

To watch the world be

reborn yet again.

Pat, I think so strongly

of you in this moment

Knowing we share

this love of nature

Wishing you were still here

to sit on the porch

and talk, rest, and feel the sun


I miss you So So So much

I miss your smiles and love most of all

NM 4-9-10

RIP 11-13-09