The Bests Gifts Aren’t From the Mall

Jewelry, chocolate, lingerie

Wining and dining

The build up to “that day”

Valentine’s Day

And if you’re on your own

Or financially strapped

Or you don’t simply have

that “implied experience”

Are you sad?

Less Loved?

We are programmed to think so

Programmed to where some of us

loathe the day, as it amplifies wounds


Love surrounds us


In nature

In the sparkle of a child’s eye

In lending a helping hand

In finding “family” among friends

Gestures of Love

Bestowments of kindness and respect

Demonstrations of generosity

Examples of forgiveness

To hear a song in your heart

To feel the warmth of the Spirit

envelop your Soul

Seek to receive the gifts

that have been given to us

And love will surround you


And always

NM 2-14-10

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