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Dodging Curve-balls

What an amazing day
The kind that flows
Where balance is abundant
Life shimmering with gold

For moment I thought
I might say that today
Was indeed what you
Would call a perfect day

I stopped short
Of saying it out loud
Didn’t want to rock the boat
Or act too proud

Even went back
Rehashed my steps
Trying to commit to memory
How to stack this deck

The only difference
Was my perspective …
As the phone rang
Shattering the collective

Feelings of bliss and relaxation
Out the door
The crisis so far away
I had no idea
what was in store

Yet, as time passed
Solutions were found
Not a tear was shed or
angry words thrown around

Then in a moment of silence
I realized I must
Always cling
To that place inside my soul
Helping me accept the
Twists and turns life brings

Broken-Heart Repair

Tell me please could you
Tell me where to start
What I’m supposed to do
With this broken heart

Ive read the books and
gone through the motions
But the glue won’t hold
without a magic potion

Everyone has advice about
what I should do
There are some who are concerned
I won’t make it through

Maybe they are right
I don’t know what
the future holds
I try and I try no matter
how many times I’m told

I try to let go of the pain
I just don’t know how
To battle the despair
Looking for someone specializing
in broken-heart repair

Beginnings Abound

Beginnings abound
Snow on the ground
Yet it smells like spring
New beginnings

Some seeds just sprouting
Others awaiting the call
To awaken renewed
From hibernation

All around, wonderful smiles
Seeing memories that I use
To lean on, to nurture growth
As I blossom and know true
Earth is about to have a new hue

Beginning fresh and anew
Each and every day
As each day can never
Be the same as the last
No turning past..

Turning here,  turning there
Some are fleeting moments
Some are memories
Meant to last
In our hearts forever

Questions abound
And the inquiries
Are plentiful
Some no more than theories

That the answers arrive
On Time’s silly line
As they choose
On this glorious
Winter day

Chaos In The Air

Sat here crying over
Nights lost long ago
Wondering if it could
Ever “BE” again

And lo and behold
Unsung prayers answered
Right before my eyes
Instantly ripping away the disguise

Showing me the game
Still is quite the same
As the same players keep
Playing their childish games

As I sit quietly
Out of the chaos
Wondering how on earth
I thought I lost…

Yet what I’ve gained
Is immeasurable
Truly guided by light
Thankful to have the foresight

To go on one’s own
Protecting my family
With courage and integrity
Yet with heartfelt compassion
for those still suffering

Question of the Day

Retention walls
Erected to stall
Why life before you
Is attempting to
Bring about a fall

Of change and renewal
Which will spring load the fuel
Needed to bring about
A new life lifting the doubt
Of the path one must take
When given the chance to make
A choice of a lifetime
Because everything is at stake

What do I want
Is the question of the day
Do I take it or leave it
As some may say
I must move forward
I will not back away
I’m breaking the walls down

The Big “Let Down”

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Is your imagination strong?

Why do you ask, you might say

Do you feel wronged

when things don’t go your way?

You look around

at the life you have

count blessings you found

so you aren’t mad

at the dissipation of

the one you dream of

going bad

There’s no sense in it

The sadness accomplishes nothing

You’ll drive yourself mad if you sit

and rehash the disappointing

turn of events as they unfold

Oh how I wish life were not so bold

I’m tired of having

no one to love and hold

I need someone

to give it all to

Who will accept me

cherish me and be true?

Not much to ask really

But it is though

A good person I am

A warm and loving soul

Forever looking and seemingly unable

to find the one to make me whole

Sparkle in your eyes

My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love
My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love

What if every time you  saw someone

who seemed sad or down

You smiled, said hello or

simply offered them a way around

the pain, or hurt or suffering

they’re struggling to cope with

It wont take much of your time

or effort at all

Just a simple gesture trickles

so very wide and far

Maybe they are lost and feeling alone

and you  come along

offering to loan

them your heart, your ear

and help calm their fear

You’ll then have accomplished more

in a few little moments

than the entire day it took

to get you to arrive at that place

where a stranger saw the look

and the sparkle in your eyes

that helped them feel alright


Please, today reach out! You might be in traffic, pumping gas, in a check out line or restaurant. One small smile can mean so much to someone else.

If it’s someone serving you, having a difficult time, break the ice instead of their day. Let them know you appreciate they are working hard and understand how tough it can be. Watch them melt in front of you! Your efforts will return tenfold.

Peace and Blessings 

Universe’s Hard Drive


Sweet, soothing smile

with fire in his eyes

One simple kiss

I melt, in disguise

Rivers of emotion

envelop my senses

Taking me on a journey

I never expected

To feel so young and free

yet so calm, so still


My heart beats

in the rhythm of peace

combined with a dash of soul

Drinking in the currents

conducting, creating

something whole

To last beyond milennia

Always finding our open doors

flowing to each other

Knows no time, no score

Suspended in a moment

of wind, rain and sunshine

Oh how they all can combine

Into something

not your’s

not mine

not even Time’s,

etched on the

Universe’s hard drive