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My random words, hope they deserve the category!


My eyes open

Good morning world!

What shall this day hold?

Everything lies in one simple word


Gazillions of them

We can’t possibly get them all right

And yet, who’s deciding, besides you,

what’s “right”?

Again, choices

I choose Faith and Love

above all else

I choose to be loved, I choose to give love

I choose to smile, rather than let

fear and anger dictate

My Choices

And you?

NM 2-4-10

What is Love?

A question asked by many

The meaning pondered and explored

spoken and written about for ages.

Songs are sung, movies are made

and many forms of art, more than we can imagine.

The list of “meanings” of love

could ultimately go on and on.

So what, I ask, is your answer?

What thoughts enter your mind?

And in the end, do we not seek the deepest love,

the love of our Creator?

Once we reach Him, I truly

believe ALL of our definitions

will merge

NM 2-1-10


Sit Down, deep breaths

Whew-oh man, up again

and running….

And when quiet time FINALLY comes

Pleasant thoughts must fight their way

through the maze of the day

The worries and gripes

The aggravations and “should’ves”

And if I am lucky enough, pleasant

thoughts will come through



and proceed to crowd out the

the rest


for 5 or 10 minutes, I can

I get to remember

Why I’m a runner

In this crazy race

NM 02-01-2010

Beautiful Day

Ok, so titles….I suppose that fits?


My eyes open

Is it morning?

Time to begin a new day!

A clean slate each and every time

A chance to make this day

better than the last

To sow the seeds for the next

and experience the surprises

each day beholds

Will these make me happy or sad?

Will I feel calm or be frustrated?

What will these feelings teach me?

These are the blessings

He bestows each and every day

Choices! Freedom! Will!

We always have them with us

02-01-2010 NM

What a fantastic night


The one thing I always find fascinating is when the mist/fog {CLOUDS} settle in the hills all the way to the bottom of the hollow. I am sitting on my porch, looking at the neighbors  house and i’m having difficulty seeing their porch light. I love it. When I was driving home,  its as if a cloud fell into a ravine, bringing much needed moisture in a beautiful form. All of our water comes from our clouds, as the Earth sends the evaporated groundwater straight up. Wild to think of, like we’re in a bubble … or are we? hmmmm…..oh wait, sorry 🙂 Thats another Blog.

Here is the beginning of a collection I started Awhile Ago. The last 5 years have flown by so fast. I am definitely excited, to finally get this started! I am not big on titles!?!

As I feel the sun warm my skin

an instant smile spreads

across my face, through my whole body

The sun glistens on the snow

as if the ground

was littered with diamonds

The rhythm of the creek is my background

complimenting the forest the most beautiful score

And as my breath begins to calm

and my senses take it all in

I praise our Lord for our planet

and all the beauty it beholds

nm 1-31-2010


Additionally, I will be adding photos, drawings, paintings and other ideas that pertain to the site. Come back soon to see what i’ve posted!

Comments would be very appreciated, constructive criticism always appreciated and hopefully my words can connect in your soul like they do mine

Thanks for reading!