Sparkle in your eyes

My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love
My Bapa and my baby girl, always sending smiles and love

What if every time you  saw someone

who seemed sad or down

You smiled, said hello or

simply offered them a way around

the pain, or hurt or suffering

they’re struggling to cope with

It wont take much of your time

or effort at all

Just a simple gesture trickles

so very wide and far

Maybe they are lost and feeling alone

and you  come along

offering to loan

them your heart, your ear

and help calm their fear

You’ll then have accomplished more

in a few little moments

than the entire day it took

to get you to arrive at that place

where a stranger saw the look

and the sparkle in your eyes

that helped them feel alright


Please, today reach out! You might be in traffic, pumping gas, in a check out line or restaurant. One small smile can mean so much to someone else.

If it’s someone serving you, having a difficult time, break the ice instead of their day. Let them know you appreciate they are working hard and understand how tough it can be. Watch them melt in front of you! Your efforts will return tenfold.

Peace and Blessings 

One thought on “Sparkle in your eyes”

  1. I already read this and I am still moved by it. I do already try to do this but sometimes I feel you have to be in tune with who is going to respond favorably too your kindness and who isn’t going to be. Not to overthink, but just trusting your gut on when and when not to reach out. Sincerely though, sparking eyes do overcome a lot of the gray area. I have seen people with God’s love in their eyes and that alone can genuinely move people to feel warmth.

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