Universe’s Hard Drive


Sweet, soothing smile

with fire in his eyes

One simple kiss

I melt, in disguise

Rivers of emotion

envelop my senses

Taking me on a journey

I never expected

To feel so young and free

yet so calm, so still


My heart beats

in the rhythm of peace

combined with a dash of soul

Drinking in the currents

conducting, creating

something whole

To last beyond milennia

Always finding our open doors

flowing to each other

Knows no time, no score

Suspended in a moment

of wind, rain and sunshine

Oh how they all can combine

Into something

not your’s

not mine

not even Time’s,

etched on the

Universe’s hard drive

One thought on “Universe’s Hard Drive”

  1. Sometimes I stumble in the calmness and stillness. My longingness blinds me on my journey. My heart comes crashing in wanting so desperately to find a peaceful home. A place of loving rest and ultimate connectivity. Should I be longing for a patient heart?

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