Clarity! Calm Seas Ahead!

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I feel so much better now

Storm has finally passed

Clarity, in spite of the mess

My path

Oh thank you for the blessings

Now it’s time to keep forward motion

I see calm seas ahead of me

And the waves

will come and go

At least i know

my ship can weather the storms

Nature’s fury is unpredictable

My choices and reactions

need no longer be


I’ve done it! I’ve made it!

The sun warms my face


The next time around


I’ll TRUST my faith

I’ll RELY on my resolve

I’ll BE impenetrable


NM 10-07-14

Part one|The Moment


That “Living in the Now” thing, yeah, that’s the one …

If you’re a fix-it junkie, then you’ve probably tried to fix yourself at one point. Hopefully you have succeeded! But, if you’re like me, it’s still a work in progress
Which brings me to the present

My flow got discombobulated two weeks ago,  all by myself.
I watched a cumulative effect of work,  planning, and dedication slip away SO FAST and by my own choices.
Kind of like busting your butt on the ice *BOOM* FLOW DISRUPTION
Oh and how the effect trickles.
Now you could blame the ice or the fall, but in reality you could have used caution. Unawareness breeds “accidents ” & just because we didn’t do it on purpose we still have choices.

And the one thing I got from all of this:
You miss the moment when you focus on the moment.
Makes sense? No? I hear ya –
Let me break it down. If I focus on being “in the moment” living in the present, that mere focus becomes an obstacle.
Think Chinese handcuffs. And if you’re a fixer, a perfectionist, a planner, this moment stuff feels too irresponsible. We can’t be living in the moment all of the time – or can we?


It’s GAME DAY + Who Knew we are SO COOL?

WVU Band State

Today should be exciting, it’s a BIG GAME DAY, bigger, than say, a normal GAME DAY 😉  Here’s why:

West Virginia Mountaineers vs Kansas Jayhawks Preview: Atonement & Revenge

By Abpriddy on Oct 4 2014, 7:00a

“It was rock bottom. Before a smattering of fans inside a field ringed by a running track, the West Virginia Mountaineers put for the their most embarrassing performance in recent memory, losing to the Kansas Jayhawks and handing coach Charlie Weis what would be his only Big 12 win. The memories of that putrid performance still linger near the surface for this Mountaineer team and the disgust is palpable every time coach Dana Holgorsen is forced to hold his nose and speak of the unspeakable.

Atonement begins in earnest now.”

I can’t wait. I’m going to go watch with some friends later.

Even more fun? Last night on the news (can’t find a link:( ) I heard WVU fans used the 3rd HIGHEST amount of DATA in the NATION last week, beating NFL usage per team. THAT’S some team spirit! The cell towers can’t keep up 😀

Happy Saturday EVERYONE!

And for those out there on a special ride today

Original content on is Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved worldwide.

Have a safe and fun ride!

Pieces of me, scattered everywhere, & I left them there!

Pieces of me scattered everywhere
Please don’t misunderstand –
Everything spread far and wide
I overwhelm myself, quite well sometimes
Unwitting, yet by choice
So much so I find myself
Lost …... I want to run and hide!
Just for a moment, can’t I pop inside?
Let the storm die down
Recharge the batteries
Upgrade the program?
Come on, Something?
There are just too many things
To enter my mind
And much to my contention
My heart wins time after time
Because people give back
Unlike a book, a clean room, or a
a great productive day

I bind my own way
I shut some doors rather than
Allow them to open wide
Im afraid to get attached
To that happy|content feeling
Deep down inside
In a place no science
Can seem to pinpoint
Yet at times roars like a giant

Get up, go this way, NO ONE SAID

So you gather your thoughts
wishing they’d all be gone

Then it got quiet
Right then, I knew I’d had it all wrong!
So many feelings and emotions
Fighting your strength
Focus on the now
Not any crazy notions of
How! How! How!

Come on, figure it out big girl
You’re on your own now

NM 9-2-14


Do you know where I can locate a “Karmic Timing” Reset Button?

Everything is a little off.

Reset desired!

This is how I feel, except my fear is drowning 🙁

“I think about my fear of motion which i never could explain some other fool across the ocean years ago must have crashed his little airplane how long till my soul gets it right can any human being ever reach that kind of light i call on the resting soul of galileo king of night vision king of insight”

Indigo Girls- excerpt from Galileo- on AZ Lyrics

You know where to locate that button, you let me know!

Until then I’m off hunting on my own

NM 10-01-14