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Voices In My Head


So many voices swirling around

Starting at the top

working their way down

Telling me what to do

when and how

While I’m trying to get

them all to shut up now

So I can hear the voice

from within

Demanding to be heard

over the din

Commanding its presence over

all the logic and emotions

Chaotically fighting this

inner felt notion

of clarity and knowing

Utilizing the power

that drives the ocean

Harnessing my energy

igniting synchronicity

Aligning one’s self

to the Source

Sending away the

logical voices

No longer doubting

my intuitive choices




Promises Shromises

You Promised

to keep me safe

to care for me

to never leave

You said you loved me

more than anyone

We built our lives, our dreams


and it’s so wrong

your aren’t here

I don’t know what to do now

I hate fear

I mourn for normalcy

I cry for my family

I yearn to feel you close

I feel lost, abandoned

I pray for the Lord

to heal our broken souls

To learn to trust again

To learn to feel safe again

It wasn’t supposed to

be this way


Clarity! Calm Seas Ahead!

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I feel so much better now

Storm has finally passed

Clarity, in spite of the mess

My path

Oh thank you for the blessings

Now it’s time to keep forward motion

I see calm seas ahead of me

And the waves

will come and go

At least i know

my ship can weather the storms

Nature’s fury is unpredictable

My choices and reactions

need no longer be


I’ve done it! I’ve made it!

The sun warms my face


The next time around


I’ll TRUST my faith

I’ll RELY on my resolve

I’ll BE impenetrable


NM 10-07-14