Part one|The Moment


That “Living in the Now” thing, yeah, that’s the one …

If you’re a fix-it junkie, then you’ve probably tried to fix yourself at one point. Hopefully you have succeeded! But, if you’re like me, it’s still a work in progress
Which brings me to the present

My flow got discombobulated two weeks ago,  all by myself.
I watched a cumulative effect of work,  planning, and dedication slip away SO FAST and by my own choices.
Kind of like busting your butt on the ice *BOOM* FLOW DISRUPTION
Oh and how the effect trickles.
Now you could blame the ice or the fall, but in reality you could have used caution. Unawareness breeds “accidents ” & just because we didn’t do it on purpose we still have choices.

And the one thing I got from all of this:
You miss the moment when you focus on the moment.
Makes sense? No? I hear ya –
Let me break it down. If I focus on being “in the moment” living in the present, that mere focus becomes an obstacle.
Think Chinese handcuffs. And if you’re a fixer, a perfectionist, a planner, this moment stuff feels too irresponsible. We can’t be living in the moment all of the time – or can we?


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