Pieces of me, scattered everywhere, & I left them there!

Pieces of me scattered everywhere
Please don’t misunderstand –
Everything spread far and wide
I overwhelm myself, quite well sometimes
Unwitting, yet by choice
So much so I find myself
Lost …... I want to run and hide!
Just for a moment, can’t I pop inside?
Let the storm die down
Recharge the batteries
Upgrade the program?
Come on, Something?
There are just too many things
To enter my mind
And much to my contention
My heart wins time after time
Because people give back
Unlike a book, a clean room, or a
a great productive day

I bind my own way
I shut some doors rather than
Allow them to open wide
Im afraid to get attached
To that happy|content feeling
Deep down inside
In a place no science
Can seem to pinpoint
Yet at times roars like a giant

Get up, go this way, NO ONE SAID

So you gather your thoughts
wishing they’d all be gone

Then it got quiet
Right then, I knew I’d had it all wrong!
So many feelings and emotions
Fighting your strength
Focus on the now
Not any crazy notions of
How! How! How!

Come on, figure it out big girl
You’re on your own now

NM 9-2-14