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Sad, Mad, Glad

2012-09-15 17.10.07

Why do people want to see
People stuck in misery
Why do they want to hurt
you after they’ve drug you
Through the dirt

Why would anyone cling to
anger and hate
Be a bully, be mean, be irate

Threaten a roof over someone’s head
Time and again for no reason
When you have a place of your own now
Is it simply just the season?

Why, when there are children who care
And want to feel safe in their home
Who just want peace and happiness
Who cared for you like their own?

Do you get a rise out of fear and pain

Do the threats make you feel bigger

Can you not refrain

From stomping your feet

every time you don’t get your way

Undermine forward movement
Unless it’s your own
To relish being an ass
Instead of the man I’d known

All because you can’t handle your own pain

Your own demons,your own guilt your own suffering

Do you feel bigger now

knowing you sent us running

Just know, no matter what you throw my way

I will always land on my feet

My spirit will never be broken

I will always live in love and peace

For I know what’s right and

I know what’s in my heart

I know what good people deserve

And I know bad people

need help even more

I pity your soul

And the day

you meet your maker

Serendipity Tree



When you look at a tree
You might not see serendipity
But think for a minute about
Living life in doubt
Never reaching above
Not finding anything you love
Back to the trees
that go on and on
without any regard
To the challenges it faces
Weathering all seasons
The changes it takes in stride
Knowing the cycle it must endure
Simply to survive
It reacts to the sun and wind
Giving us much needed air
It can produce food to no end
Its fruits it must bear
By design
It branches out
In many different directions
No doubt
Knowing a liner path
Is not the way
To go about survival
After hibernation
Planning it’s revival
On and on the cycle goes
More and more branches
Look at every which way they go
Up and out, reaching high
Up to the sky
The only clues are when
It meets its demise
You can view it’s struggle
Looking on the inside
But until that moment
All I can see
Is the simple bliss
Of serendipity

The leaves are changing already

I’ve been trying to decide what to post and wanted to put up some drawings…

Until I looked outside. It’s going to be beautiful today, and I’m still plugging away at work. Timing..grrrr

The leaves have begun to change. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty and all. I just am not ready.

This summer went waaayyyy too fast.

So in an effort to preserve the warmth and last bit of summery feel I can

I decided to post pictures of my rock garden

and my first ever rose bush 🙂

Enjoy your Friday