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Sad, Mad, Glad

2012-09-15 17.10.07

Why do people want to see
People stuck in misery
Why do they want to hurt
you after they’ve drug you
Through the dirt

Why would anyone cling to
anger and hate
Be a bully, be mean, be irate

Threaten a roof over someone’s head
Time and again for no reason
When you have a place of your own now
Is it simply just the season?

Why, when there are children who care
And want to feel safe in their home
Who just want peace and happiness
Who cared for you like their own?

Do you get a rise out of fear and pain

Do the threats make you feel bigger

Can you not refrain

From stomping your feet

every time you don’t get your way

Undermine forward movement
Unless it’s your own
To relish being an ass
Instead of the man I’d known

All because you can’t handle your own pain

Your own demons,your own guilt your own suffering

Do you feel bigger now

knowing you sent us running

Just know, no matter what you throw my way

I will always land on my feet

My spirit will never be broken

I will always live in love and peace

For I know what’s right and

I know what’s in my heart

I know what good people deserve

And I know bad people

need help even more

I pity your soul

And the day

you meet your maker