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Bewildered and Befuddled


I’m so confused, lost my heart

I know it here somewhere, I felt it tear apart

in a million directions, the pain flowed

Oh no! Oh no! Where did it go?

It’s got to be here somewhere

you have to have a heart

If I could find the pieces

i could mend them i’m sure

I’ll use my best skills

Then again, I know this is not true

I’ll smack it together, hit it with my shoe

Because for some reason when the day is near the end

And I’m trying to assess

who needs what & when

What hat did I drop?

Is it ever going to


And I’ve still  barely managed

to get anything done

It stops

It screeches to a halt

*!*!*!* I think I get it now *!*!*!*

I’ve forgotten to care the most

for the one person

who gets

a toast

those pieces will find

a way back inside

when you hear love agree

NM 09-29-14