Define “worth” if you can

How do we measure

something  so varied

and if you look it up

in the dictionary

you’ll find eight definitions

and many variations

because after all

it’s such a personal thing

one persons trash

can be anothers treasure

and depending on taste

and level of pleasure

or pain

or hard work


what word come to

your mind first

when you hear the word


some things are priceless

many things are worthless

and our perception lies

somewhere in between

ironic though

we can have books to show

the worth of a “thing”

if indeed you’re interested

but show disapproval

and it’s value lessens

as if it’s worth

nothing at all

NM 3-10-10

Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me, Loves me not……..

I don’t know how to feel or think

When it comes to you

and where I fit on my end

And I feel so lopsided

You are my soul mate

You are the man of my dreams

But, I am not yours

And that’s ok, right now~~~

But will I ever rise above your past?

The memories?

The regrets?

The loss?

Will I ever become your dream girl?

Or will someone, someday

sit and hear the stories of “us”

on a Saturday morning?

NM 3-3-10

The Bests Gifts Aren’t From the Mall

Jewelry, chocolate, lingerie

Wining and dining

The build up to “that day”

Valentine’s Day

And if you’re on your own

Or financially strapped

Or you don’t simply have

that “implied experience”

Are you sad?

Less Loved?

We are programmed to think so

Programmed to where some of us

loathe the day, as it amplifies wounds


Love surrounds us


In nature

In the sparkle of a child’s eye

In lending a helping hand

In finding “family” among friends

Gestures of Love

Bestowments of kindness and respect

Demonstrations of generosity

Examples of forgiveness

To hear a song in your heart

To feel the warmth of the Spirit

envelop your Soul

Seek to receive the gifts

that have been given to us

And love will surround you


And always

NM 2-14-10

My Divine Wish

The Meaning of life

Four words

Lots of discussion, speculation, and conviction

can center around those four words.

For me … It’s Questions!

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What are we supposed to be doing while we inhabit our earthly bodies?

What happens when we die?

Are we a random act of nature?

One big mathematical equation, science and evolution together, at it’s best?

Or are we the children of God, made in his image and guided by His power?

Or, are we here to grow our souls, for our very own existence?

Do we come to earth to complete something, similar to going to college to learn a skill

prior to beginning a career?

Once we’ve completed our “training” do we go “home”?

Are we sent back if we fail, switch degrees, or need additional training?

And if so-

Must we lose all remembrance of our “Earth Experience” ???

Will we ever, in our human body and mind ever really “know”?

This has always been a passion of mine because the

rules and boundaries set forth in my beginning have never made sense.

My soul cries out to the Heavens, to the Angels, for guidance and strength

to seek out the meanings and answers.

I wish, for my journey to be filled with love and protection

In that I may do nothing but learn and positively

contribute along the path

My Creator has lit so brightly so I

know the way

NM 2-2-10


As we travel along

the path to self discovery

we are faced

with many decisions

And fear of change

behavior laced with anxiety

Insecurities of the new an unknown

all rear their ugly head

Encouraging you to quit

But the soul … It SCREAMS for change

So we must call each obstacle Friend

Open them up so they

become Gateways to

the New Life unfolding

NM 2-11-10

To a Friend

Yea! Birds are chirping

Singing Nature’s most beautiful songs

I long for spring to arrive

To feel the warm sun

on my skin

To watch the world be

reborn yet again.

Pat, I think so strongly

of you in this moment

Knowing we share

this love of nature

Wishing you were still here

to sit on the porch

and talk, rest, and feel the sun


I miss you So So So much

I miss your smiles and love most of all

NM 4-9-10

RIP 11-13-09


When do we

Finally get to SEE

What we are meant to Really See?

And when

When you say ME

Do you know who ME is?

Or do you have a Story of Me?

The day you stop being

concerned with the

NEEDS of your mind

And HONOR the NEEDS of your soul

The questions will abide

And the answers will


NM 2-6-10


Tick tock

drip drip

knock tick tock creak

All these sounds

as I try to fall asleep to the

rhythm of the house

As I become more and more

sleepy I begin to hear

the best noises of the night

Nature’s symphony

With the creek as my melody

and the crickets and frogs as the chorus

The lullaby of Mother Nature

Induces my deepest slumber

NM 2-5-10

Material vs Soul

Possessions, stuff, things

That one “item” you’d die to

go without

Really? I mean Really?

Where does your true nourishment lie?

What will happen without these things?

Life becomes simple and quiet

as we begin to appreciate God’s gifts, so abundant around us

They begin to appear more frequently

And everyone who touches your life seems

to have a clear purpose

And you give, you contribute, you pay it forward

And you begin to Receive

You begin to embrace the gift

of True Nourishment

Where peace and harmony reside

Where things don’t happen “to” you,

but “in spite of” you

And the choice is yours in how to respond

To learn

To give

To grow

To honor our time here

in our mortal flesh

To enjoy this experience

To have smiled more than frowned

and to have seen the results to no end

NM 2-4-10