Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me, Loves me not……..

I don’t know how to feel or think

When it comes to you

and where I fit on my end

And I feel so lopsided

You are my soul mate

You are the man of my dreams

But, I am not yours

And that’s ok, right now~~~

But will I ever rise above your past?

The memories?

The regrets?

The loss?

Will I ever become your dream girl?

Or will someone, someday

sit and hear the stories of “us”

on a Saturday morning?

NM 3-3-10

3 thoughts on “Loves me, Loves me not, Loves me, Loves me not……..”

  1. Thank you! Although , here recently, I’ve come to realize my true love is the Lord, as humans have not fully reached the true understanding. I believe in unconditional love. We do not belong in a box. If I find that in a human I would be amazed! But, I’m just fine the way things are now. And maybe, you’re right as well. Only Time will tell.

  2. Amazing. True. Love. Would be. Amazing. But I’d. Rather. Have a love. That is unlike. And ever spoke. Of. Never know. What. Around. The next turn. It could be a lot closer than you know

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