Material vs Soul

Possessions, stuff, things

That one “item” you’d die to

go without

Really? I mean Really?

Where does your true nourishment lie?

What will happen without these things?

Life becomes simple and quiet

as we begin to appreciate God’s gifts, so abundant around us

They begin to appear more frequently

And everyone who touches your life seems

to have a clear purpose

And you give, you contribute, you pay it forward

And you begin to Receive

You begin to embrace the gift

of True Nourishment

Where peace and harmony reside

Where things don’t happen “to” you,

but “in spite of” you

And the choice is yours in how to respond

To learn

To give

To grow

To honor our time here

in our mortal flesh

To enjoy this experience

To have smiled more than frowned

and to have seen the results to no end

NM 2-4-10

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