My Divine Wish

The Meaning of life

Four words

Lots of discussion, speculation, and conviction

can center around those four words.

For me … It’s Questions!

Who are we?

Why are we here?

What are we supposed to be doing while we inhabit our earthly bodies?

What happens when we die?

Are we a random act of nature?

One big mathematical equation, science and evolution together, at it’s best?

Or are we the children of God, made in his image and guided by His power?

Or, are we here to grow our souls, for our very own existence?

Do we come to earth to complete something, similar to going to college to learn a skill

prior to beginning a career?

Once we’ve completed our “training” do we go “home”?

Are we sent back if we fail, switch degrees, or need additional training?

And if so-

Must we lose all remembrance of our “Earth Experience” ???

Will we ever, in our human body and mind ever really “know”?

This has always been a passion of mine because the

rules and boundaries set forth in my beginning have never made sense.

My soul cries out to the Heavens, to the Angels, for guidance and strength

to seek out the meanings and answers.

I wish, for my journey to be filled with love and protection

In that I may do nothing but learn and positively

contribute along the path

My Creator has lit so brightly so I

know the way

NM 2-2-10

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