Our Beginning, twice

September 2007…

Wait, no

May 2008, whew~

Oh I thought before I met you

I was so wise, so strong

A woman of the world!

Been through so much

Been so many places

All these experiences…

Then I met


So strong and smart

with such  knowing, sparkling eyes

trusting eyes

solid thinking and

fantastically handsome

oh, and that smile…..

and *POOF*

My life is thrown in one direction

Your’s another

and by the time we meet again

I’m falling to pieces

as you’re emerging from a long battle

And you gather up all

the broken pieces

and bring them home with you

and little by little

you piece everything back together

better than it ever was

You found ME

And no matter how naive I felt

You never made me feel stupid

you gave me, still give me,


I’ve never had in my life

That are priceless

A safe place

so I could rest my body and soul

Cradled in LOVE

and trust and kindness


Permission to


All of my “selves”

The good, the bad

Room to succeed and fail

and tons of space to grow

I’ve learned more about

everyone and everything

you name it~ since I’ve been with you

than in my entire life

I’ve felt more love and devotion and kindness

More fun and happiness

My own personal Disney World 🙂

I am the wealthiest woman


and I thank God everyday

for every minute

I have with you

NM 3-08-10