How can it be

after all this time

a connection so strong

It knows  of no lines

drawn in the sand

or boundaries laid by our own hand

in a universe that moves so fast

yet stands still, within our grasp

giving us one more


wow, how blessed are we

to have re-connected in the stormy seas

of insanity and drama

brought upon our karma


the true test is not

what happens to us

but what we do

in spite of the challenges

brought upon us

and our friend “KARMA”

is waiting to see

if we rise to the top

of the rough and tumbling  sea

because it is offering us

a blessing in disguise

It’s up to us

to read between the lines

of life’s trials and tribulations

and a second chance

to seize the universe’s design

NM 10-14-14

4 thoughts on “Timeless”

  1. That was absolutely beautiful. We are in control of our destiny and everything that happens. It really depends how we react. I have been through a lot in my life and I always land on my feet. I would not change anything as it has made me stronger as I go through the journey of life.

    1. Arleen, I feel the same way. Every step molds us and the pain provides a balance. It gives us empathy and insight. Faith in ourselves, our path, is the most important! Congrats on such a wonderful outlook 😀

  2. Love this free verse you did and I can totally identify with the way it is written. Your page is beautiful as that misty mountain weather is my favorite kind of weather. Look forward to more of this type of post.

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