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River’s Flow


Life sure can be funny

of letting you know which way

things will go

As you watch your plans

go completely astray

In the currents flow

of tomorrow and yesterday

~ ~ ~

In the past I used to

get so upset

worked so hard for what

I wanted to get

Not realizing all

the blood and sweat

Were for something else

I’d not yet


ya know what I mean?

~ ~ ~

Now as I  grow older

I finally learned to shoulder

the wishes and dreams

floating away downstream


nothing is what it seems

~ ~ ~

Living in the present moment

absorbing the bits and smidgens

of smiles, blessings and bestowments

of love and riches

These times used to pass me by

as life went on around me

While I’d plan where the future lied

The world cried out


 ~ ~ ~

The time to second guess U-turns

has finally passed on forever

I’ll not go back to the place

when i’m crying over whether

I’ve made the right choice

If, maybe I shouldn’t have used my voice

Flourishing and nourishing

as the river flows

leading me to the unknown

adventures of the universe

~ ~ ~

Wait! I can’t forget

to sing a verse before I go

and enjoy the upcoming show

About a King, and ends with “know”

The rest ringing out

all through the riverboat

And that’s what we need

to say to ourselves

When chaos and doubt announce

their arrival

Unwelcome guests, not on our


No time for us to wait

They’re about to close the gate!

~ ~ ~

Alas, my journey has begun

with the river as my captain

and the moon as my guide

each step bringing me closer

to the destination

Just remember to

Enjoy the Ride!