Picture Day!

So, I was thinking of what to post, and couldn’t find the right words.

 I decided to post some pictures.

I am home schooling this year and many of our “lessons” will share

this same format, so consider this practice, too. Thank you

Most of the photos are just snippets in time, along the adventure of the day. Not much

planning goes into them. Sometimes, I will specifically set out to photograph an object.

Not often. Much to most people’s dismay, i’m too wrapped up in my bubble

The Creek

And when I go on a walk up the hollow, I’m apt to become distracted

and when I “see” a picture ~ it seems I see thousands a day ~ some just POP out

So here is more of the walk



Begging to be captured as I step along the rocks and water. Engulfed in beautiful sounds of birds chirping, water trickling, the wind blowing. I feel awakened and calm all at once. I must be alert or I’ll slip or get soaked.

BUT…there is another spot, calling to be immortalized

in our space/time and to continue to exist, to carry on

creek walk                 2014-05-31_12-18-04_550




Hope you enjoyed the glimpses of my walk. This is where I go to reset, recharge.

The rocks and trees the animals and plants

The sun and wind, all the bits and pieces

all exist in harmony. It’s one of the few places that do.